There's something we want to tell you about our Wors and Grillers

Mom's, when we shop for Wors and sausages, there is always a moment where we wonder, what really goes in to the Georgie's Cheese and Bacon Grillers, or the Georgie's Cheese Wors?

Well you can be rest assured that nothing but real pork, seasoning and cheese goes into our sausages. No funny business, nothing but real pork which is why you get that authentic Georgie's taste when you tuck into any of our Grillers or Wors range.

Often when we are cutting bacon, we have to ensure that we standardise the size of it for packaging purposes. When we slice our bacon for packaging, we also slice off offcuts in the process of making your bacon more uniform. We use these real bacon offcuts to make our Wors and Grillers.

You can be rest assured that you are feeding your family real food, real meat that is prepared to the highest of standards in the Georgie's factory.

So stock up today and enjoy your Georgie's products knowing you are feeding your family nothing but the best!

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