Start a Family Tradition with Georgie's

Every Friday night my mom used to make home made pizza’s She would make a home made base and then slather it with rich lashings of bacon, onion, tomato or whatever was going. I remember one of my favourite toppings was wors. (This was before cheese and bacon wors became a thing)

It brings back all those warm and fuzzy feelings and is closely associated with that Friday feeling. The end of the week, treat time and the unwinding process.

I decided to try this with my own kids to see how they would take to it. There will be no home made base in our house (although it would probably taste nicer) but I fully intend to make this a weekly ritual.

Let’s just say they were grinning from ear to ear. It’s nice to see them wolfing down their dinner, not moaning about what is being served and getting into that Friday mode.

We have heard from our followers that they enjoy the Chilli cheese and bacon wors that has come out. Tasty for those who enjoy a bit of a bite.

What is your family tradition? Do you do anything special on Fridays to get into the weekend spirit. Do you let your kids help you cook or is it all too much with the ingredients flying in all directions? Let us know in the comments section.

#Georgies #CheeseandBaconWors #Family

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